National Investment Trust
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NIT Local Equity Fund

  • To enable you to benefit from Capital Growth and Income Growth on a medium/long term basis;
  • To provide you with a Diversified Portfolio hence limiting risks;
  • To manage your investments efficiently.
  • NIT Local Equity Fund: Investment in locally quoted Securities.
  • Not more than 10 % of the total assets of our unit trust may be invested in the shares of any company.
  • Our Unit Trusts may not hold more than 20 % of the capital of any company.

A unit trust investor is one who has a long term view of investment and is therefore willing to accept short term fluctuations in the value of their capital. As such, this type of investment is particularly suitable for:

  • Investors with a long term view of investment who are looking for income and capital growth and are willing to tolerate a limited amount of risk;
  • Investors looking for professional management of a portfolio of Securities in an economical and conveniently packaged form;
  • Small investors seeking cost effective access to overseas markets;
  • Long term investors looking for higher return and greater flexibility than bank deposits or insurance products.

This type of investment is generally unsuitable for:

  • Investors who have an immediate need for a high or guaranteed income and are therefore not willing to tolerate a limited amount of risk;
  • Investors not willing to commit money for the long term.