National Investment Trust
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Getting Started


  • What is your investment objective – saving for school fees, building a retirement fund, increasing your capital or preserving the wealth you already have?
  • How much time do you have to reach your investment objective?
  • Are you new to or very experienced in mutual funds or stock investments?


Once you’ve established your objectives, time frame and level of experience, select the fund that best suits your investment needs, bearing in mind that:

  • higher returns usually imply higher risks;
  • the more diversified a fund is the lower the risks involved since your money is spread across different asset class and markets.


Opening an account is simple. All you have to do is visit our Office where our dedicated staff will guide you through the process.

NIT offers two ways for you to invest:


  • minimum investment of Rs 5 000 per fund;


  • minimum investment of Rs 500 per month.

You should then complete and sign an Investment Application Form and provide us with a copy of your ID card or passport, a utility bill and your remittance.

Your investment will be made once all required documents and payment have been received.

NIT Investment Application Form

How it works

Units purchased will be allocated at the issue price (entry fee of 0%) prevailing on the next valuation following receipt of the remittance. A contract note will be issued within one week of the date of the transaction.

As allowed by the Trust Deed of the NIT Unit Trust, no certificates will be made available on allocation of units and only statements will be produced to confirm trades.

What if I need to sell my units?

A unit holder may request the Company to purchase back his/her units by completing and signing a Repayment Request form and sending it to us together with a copy of his/her ID card. The Fund is under the obligation to repurchase the units at the repurchase price (exit fee 1%) prevailing on the next valuation day following receipt of the request. Cheques relating to repurchase are available for collection within a maximum of five working days of the valuation date at which the transaction has been made.

NIT Repayment Request Form