National Investment Trust
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We are an investment institution managing collective investments structured as Unit Trusts (i.e., the NIT Local Equity Fund and the NIT Global Opportunities Fund). As such, NIT manages a portfolio of investments with funds raised by the selling of units which, are allocated to the investor according to the amount contributed and the value of the unit at the time of purchase. The NIT Local Equity Fund and the NIT Global Opportunities Fund are two Unit Trusts which provide individual investors with numerous advantages such as:

  • the possibility to invest in both local and international securities,
  • an efficient and transparent management,
  • favourable middle/long term performance with control risk,
  • realisation of your investment at any time,
  • all dividends received by unitholders and capital gains realised by them are tax-free.


1993 – Setting Up

  • Established as a government initiative to promote “l’actionnariat populaire”;
  • Listed on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius since then;

2008 – Restructuring to New NIT

  • Embarked on a strategy to transform the Company from an investment holding company to a fund management one;
  • Launch of NIT Local Equity Fund & NIT Global Opportunities Fund ;


  • Sale of holding stake in The State Investment Corporation Ltd;
  • Except for its 12% shareholding in SICOM Ltd, NIT is exclusively engaged in fund management activities;

2015 – To-date

  • Launch of six new funds: NIT North America Fund , NIT Europe Fund, NIT Emerging Markets Fund, NIT Global Bond Fund, NIT Global HealthCare Funds & NIT Global Value Fund
  • Currently, our assets under management amounts to nearly Rs 1.5bn.